With its real-time integration to the DPM Backoffice™ gives major benefit of a real-time portal that it provides contractors and agencies a greater transparency regarding the status of payments, invoices and most important, their expenses which helps to eliminate many non value added phone calls.
  The DPM portal includes a management page where key configurations can be carried out by you, one example is the facility to allow contractors to enter timesheets can be enabled/disabled. 

The current configuration is ‘white label’ and by selecting one of our themes can compliment your existing web site. The portal is real time and as milestones are reached within the DPM Backoffice™ the portals are updated, this is also the case if any changes are submitted from the portal, for example if a member submits expenses for approval.
DPM Backoffice™ already encompasses a full suite of fully operational feature rich products and with some specific customised configuration, could provide you with that unique Umbrella and CIS solution.

  Included in the DPM are all the editing tools you will need as we have included our DPM Query Builder, allowing you to create your own custom reports, Illustrations and starter packs that can be either printed or sent direct by email from DPM.
  “No more compiling documents to send to prospective customers. Just click ‘Send’ and the P46, Contract and Illustration Expense Policy etc. is sent by email direct to the customer or to your printer.”
With our editing tools you can quickly change and create reports, change timesheet designs and build your entire starter packs, all contained within one application.